What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a process of mixing seed, fertilizer, and fiber mulch with water in correct proportions inside a tank and then spraying homogeneous slurry onto designated areas with a high pressure hose for LAWNS, WILDFLOWER, AND EROSION CONTROL.

The Benefits;

* Seed germinates faster

* Higher percentage of seed germination (95+%)

* Higher grass plant survival

* Greatly reduces erosion

* Uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer, and mulch

* Versatility - easier to seed difficult areas like slopes, irregular shaped areas

* Seed mixes are tailored to the site, planned usage and sun exposure

* Mulch becomes integral part of soil

* A fuller, plusher lawn develops

* 200% cheaper than sod!


Why is Hydroseeding different?

Germination - Putting the seed, fertilizer, and mulch into the slurry solution means the seed will be encapsulated within the water-retaining mulch as it is applied. Since seed requires moisture and warmth to germinate, the process gives the seed a "JUMP START" in the growth cycle. Usually the seed germinates in 3 to 5 days. PRE-GERMINATION can be done overnight!!!

Chemistry - The fertilizer placed in the slurry solution, quickly adjusts the existing soil chemistry to provide for sturdy grass plant growth. Your new seedlings sink their roots into a chemically balanced soil, thereby enjoying a growing stimulus when needed the most.

Moisture Control - The fiber mulch retains water longer than straw and many other mulches; Acts as a soil stabilizer to retard water and wind erosion; reduces surface evaporation from the soil; and provides an outstanding germination zone as it traps moisture around the seed as well as wicks the moisture to the seed. This is crucial when the grass roots are forming.

Value - The carefully proportioned materials mixed thoroughly in a homogeneous slurry provide an ideal medium for;

* Fast efficient application

* Quicker germination

* Higher percentage of germination

* Uniform coverage

* Rapid plant growth

* Plush lawn

Eventually, the mulch becomes humus added to the soil. The end result... a lush, long lasting lawn at a most reasonable cost without the negatives of dry seeding with separate applications of fertilizer, seed and straw.


We use 25% more seed in our slurry mix, than the industry standards recommend. 

As a policy, we go the extra mile to insure the best results possible.


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